Cypher Labs Austru IEM – 4 way IEM with Bass Boost


 Cypher Labs Austru IEM – 4 way IEM with Bass Boos


Designed with three transducer balanced armiture drivers and a 10mm dynamic driver, the AustruIEM provides an accurate response curve, with a broad spectrum provided by a 10mm dynamic driver.


For over 4 years we’ve built high tech amplifiers, cables and accessories. We’ve applied all that audio expertise to our own series of in-ear-monitor earphones.  


Bass control at your finger tips
 We’ve incorporated a selector switch in the earphone body so the listener has control over the low end audio. No tools needed! The switch alters the dynamic driver’s cross-over point so that the dynamic driver is fully engaged for full bass or in the second position resistance is added to roll off 50% of the bass from the dynamic driver. There are one mid and two high transducer drivers to round out the complement of drivers.

The Austru’s smoothly contoured ergonomics allow long-term comfortable wear and excellent insulation from background noise. The 3D printed shell and real carbon fiber backplate provide exacting audio characteristics. Memory wire on the cable ensures that the Austru IEM stays in place.

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 1 Dynamic 10mm aluminum driver + 3 transducer drivers per earpiece
 Configuration: Single Low / Single Mid / Dual High

 Detachable cable: 2 pin recessed connection to gold plated 3.5mm (1/8”)

 Passive crossover network with selectable bass performance

 Maximum output (SPL): 119 dB

 Noise isolation 26db

 Frequency range: 20Hz – 100000Hz


 Sensitivity:112.85dB@1kHz / 120.56dB@2.5kHz
 THD: 0.45%@1000Hz
 Weight: 11 g


 listening to music at any volume for an extended time can damage your hearing. Use caution and limit the volume you use to protect your hearing.


One year Cypher Labs parts and Labor warranty on earphones; 3 months on cables from date of purchase. For sanitary reasons, opened earphones may not be returned.


Use cables made for your earphones. Drape the cable over each ear for a secure fit. Choose earphone tips to suit your ears and style of music. Some tips offer more or less isolation.

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