Iqube V5



iQube V5 specifications:

Lightweight, portable Headphone amplifier
High efficiency (90-95%) Class D amplifier
Built in USB receiver and separate DAC
Ultra low jitter clock driving an asynchronous USB receiver
Runs on a single Li-ion power cell 2500mAh.
8-fold output buffer for a (near to) load independent output behaviour
4th order feedback loop for minimum distortion
Fixed, phase-shifted carrier wave oscillator decreases inter-channel distortion
Ultra low noise front end accepts any line level source without the need for impedance matching

Top A-grade components used:
  • Medical graded quadrupple layer epoxy using HOFC (High Oxygen Free Copper)
  • Optimised board design enhances signal quality
  • Alps potentiometer
  • Vishay series 036 decoupling capacitors throughout
  • Panasonic stack film capacitors
  • Carbon signal resistors
  • Lumberg I/O connectors
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Retro art design, CNC machined aluminium casing
  • Rubber touch feel painted covers 
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Technical Specificatons:


  • Analogue Input impedance: 10k ohm
  • THD+n at 200mV output (typ) 0.0045%, max output 0.025%
  • Frequency response @ 200mV into a 16 ohm load: Analogue input 5 – 50kHz (-1dB)
  • Power 160mW_16 ohm, 80mW_32 ohm, 12mW_200 ohm
  • Zout: <0.1 ohm @ f<5kHz, <1,5 ohm @ 20kHz
  • Output noise: 7uV (unweighted)
  • DAC type CS4392, 24 bit delta sigma, 114dB dynamic range
  • USB PCM audio 24 bit 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz asynchronous
  • USB DSD single (DSD64) and dual Rate (DSD128) over DoP (0x05/0xFA) and dCS (xAA)
  • SPDIF through 4-pole mini input: up to 24 bit 192kHz
  • SPDIF through Toslink optical input: 24 bit 96kHz.
  • Voltage gain: Low gain: 0, High gain 6
  • Frequency response @ 200 mV into a 16 Ohm load: Analogue input 5 - 50 kHz. (-1 dB)
  • Maximum output power per channel from 20-20,000Hz: 160 mW_16 ohm, 80 mW_32 ohm, 12 mW_200 ohm
  • Output impedance: <0,1 ohm @ f<5kHz, < 1,5 ohm @ 20kHz
  • THD at 200mV output (typ) 0.0075%: Analogue input (max) 0.03%.
  • Output noise: 10uV (unweighted)
  • Charge input: (mini USB input), USB mini input, DC voltage 5V +/- 5%, polarity protected
  • Max. charger current consumption @ 5Vdc input: 0,4A
  • Battery charge current: 0,3A
  • Height (thick): 23 mm
  • Width: 70 mm
  • Lenght: 126 mm (incl volume knob)
  • Weight: 190gr
  • Weight when packed: appr. 390gr
Playing time when fully charged:
  • Analogue input >= 70 hrs
  • Digital input >= 30 hrs 







We warrant that Synergy HiFi products, in the course of its normal use, will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year.


 If you discover a defect in material or workmanship during the Warranty Period, and we agree that the defect exits, we will replace product at no charge to you, provided it is returned during the applicable warranty period to manufacturer, with transportation charges prepaid.

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